The Mandalorian


Season 1 Episode 2

The Child

Things are getting tough for the Mandalorian in this issue. Still stuck on the planet with the cargo of a baby Yoda with him (I know he’s not Yoda, but George Lucas never named his species), the Mandalorian has to fight off fellow bounty hunters with the child’s tracker as well. This leads to the first fight in this episode and there are a lot of them.


When he returns to his ship, he finds it stripped by Jawas and that leads to fight number two. This one has all of the action and adventure elements that make this episode work. From sniping Jawas to fighting on board their transport, the Mandalorian showcases his skills form one sequence to the next. For a character of very few words, his actions have to speak louder for the viewer and director Rick Famuyiwa masterfully speaks volumes with the characters actions and mannerisms.


All the while, the child is there in the background of events until one moment that is noteworthy. A moment that is guaranteed to delight Star Wars fans and explain the importance of the child’s presence in the series.


The second episode of The Mandalorian does a brilliant job of building on the character and plot point from the first episode while also expanding on that story in ways that make you want to see more.

The Mandalorian S01XE02




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