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The Man of Steel #5

DC Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Adam Hughes and Jason Fabok

Colors by Adam Hughes and Alex Sinclair

Letters by Josh Reed

Clark laments the fate of Kandor as he rockets Rogol Zaar away from Earth. As he tries to find answers to what Zaar wants and how he destroyed Krypton, Zaar gets the drop on him on the moon and disappears.


Back on Earth, Chief Moore is getting closer to finding out the source of the fires that have been ravaging the city. Supergirl responds as the Justice League comes in to help. I like that Moore has a purpose beyond just being a background character. There is something to her presence that gives the series a worthwhile mystery to solve along with the bigger one involving Rogol.

Supergirl finds Clark on the moon and rescues him. As he is recovering, Batman and the rest of the League do their best to help him as well as try and calm down Kara. It’s a good scene that shows the commitment of the team to one of their own. The issue starts with a short glimpse of what happened to Kandor. Without being morbid, I would have liked to see that moment explored. It would have added some emotional resonance.

I liked the fact that Batman is the one who gives Clark the last bit of information that he needs to finally come to the realization of what Rogol Zaar is really there to accomplish. It’s a great ending that has the potential to lead to a huge conclusion for this series. Bendis has done a great job of introducing a new dynamic to the world of Superman including the circumstances that led to Jon and Lois’ disappearance.


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