The Lonesome Hunters #2

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Tyler Crook

Art by Tyler Crook

Colors by Tyler Crook

Letters by Tyler Crook

The Rundown: Howard’s decision to use the sword will have some unforeseen consequences.

In a far off forest, the sword awakens something. Something that begins the hunt for its property. At the same time, Howard attempts to stop the magpie that has taken possession of Lupe’s uncle and the resulting fight brings some unwanted attention from the others. Panicked, Howard and Lupe run as a swarm of the birds descends on them.

After getting away, Howard takes his new companion to the home of an old friend. Someone who knows about his past and is angry about the secrets he is keeping. After giving them shelter for the evening, Howard is left to worry about the sequence of events he has set in motion revealing his sword as a powerful creature decides that it wants it too.

The Story: Crook delivers great action in this issue and does a wonderful job of building the world of these characters. Every interaction Howard has makes me curious about the years of his life in hiding as well as what he has been hiding from. The story has a great immediacy and energy that kept me engaged throughout and I am excited to see where the story goes next.

The Art: Crook has a wonderful visual style that draws in the reader and perfectly complements the story in both tone and character.

The Lonesome Hunters #2



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