The Last Mermaid #5

Image Comics

Written by Derek Kirk Kim

Art by Derek Kirk Kim

Colors by Derek Kirk Kim

Letters by Derek Kirk Kim

The Rundown: The mermaid and her new companion face more danger on their quest through the desert.

The mermaid and her new companion Torque continue their journey through the wasteland. The pair continue to have some interesting interactions with each other as the mermaid trusts Torque to lead her to where she needs to go before the water in her device poisons her.

As they make their way up a mountain, they discover that they are being followed by mutants. When they realize that the scouts could alert the bigger gang, the pair go on a dangerous hunt to track them down.

The Story: Derek Kirk Kim continues to craft an awesome action epic in this issue. The story is thrilling and I continue to enjoy this series a lot. I really enjoy the characters and their tension as well as the ever evolving world being created within this series. The story continues to be a fun and engaging adventure with interesting characters and a great world that keeps me engaged with every page and panel.

The Art: Derek Kirk Kim delivers visually stunning art throughout the issue. I love the visual style and the amazing world being created with it.

The Last Mermaid #5



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