Savage Dragon #271

Image Comics

Written by Erik Larsen

Art by Erik Larsen

Colors by Nikos Koutsis and Mike Toris

Letters by Jack Morelli

The Rundown: Malcolm defends the public from a dangerous threat while his wife run from another one.

Malcolm is in San Francisco defending parade-goers from an ultra-conservative maniac in a power suit killing anyone in sight. At the same time, Maxine finds herself on the run from the perverted advances of an unrelenting cartoon mouse as their kids fight to save a friend in need.

At the same time, Angel confronts an imprisoned Frank about his strange behavior and realizes that her husband is possessed by something dark, while the real Frank looks for a way to escape Dimension X and return to his family.

The Story: Larsen crafts a fun and thrilling story filled with action throughout this issue. There is a lot of fun moments mixed with some raucous moments between Maxine and the mouse. All of the side stories have their own interesting and engaging levels of tension and I continue to enjoy the complicated mess of this world and its characters.  

The Art: Larsen delivers fantastic art throughout the issue. The blistering action continues to have awesome details as well as great comedic visuals.

Savage Dragon #271



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