The Immortal Hulk #28

Marvel Comics

Written by Al Ewing

Art by Tom Reilly and Matias Bergara

Colors by Chris O’Halloran

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: The number of kids willing to follow the Hulk’s philosophy continues to grow and the Roxxon CEO comes up with a plan.



After Hulk attacked Roxxon’s media servers, the company’s social media platforms have taken a huge hit. One that the CEO needs to fix fast if he plans to keep the population under control. Realizing the threat Hulk is to his operation, Agger decides that he has to find a way to get ahead of the story and control it before he can develop his own Hulk to stop the original.

At the same time, a father finds that he can’t stand the world and how it is changing. He can’t connect with his daughter anymore and considers the young people following the Hulk to be part of a cult. Listening to Roxxon produced media and working for the company itself, he has some decisions to make when a protest of his workplace puts him face to face with the kids he despises.

The Story: Al Ewing masterfully unfolds a story that is subtle in how subversive it is. The parallels to the current sociopolitical climate and everything from class to generational divide are represented in this story and the way the story touches on the influence Roxxon has on the father and Hulk has on the daughter is the perfect metaphor for how divided we are and how easily manipulated human beings can be. This is an amazing issue and its relevance is astounding.

The Art: Reilly and Bergara’s art is brilliantly contrasted in this issue. Taking a different part of the whole story works perfectly for the tone of both parts of this story. I love the visuals in this issue.


The Immortal Hulk #28




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