Batman and the Outsiders #8 

DC Comics

Written by Bryan Hill

Art by Dexter Soy

Colors by Veronica Gandini

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Ra’s Al Ghul’s war with Batman is personal and he’s willing to destroy everyone close to the Dark Knight to win it.


The Demon’s Head has targeted not only Batman’s team, but everyone and anyone close to them. With Jefferson and Katana working to save Sofia from a plane careening towards Gotham, Batman can only watch and wait while he deals with his own recent personal trauma.

At the same time, Duke and Cass find themselves dealing with Duke’s augmented and evolved powers as Ra’s lays out his plan to Shiva. A plan that will focus on the most vulnerable people in the lives of the Outsiders.

The Story: This issue was really exciting and had all of the elements of a great action film and brutal thriller. Bryan Hill reminds the reader why Ra’s Al Ghul is such a deadly and menacing threat and elevates the drama with the human stories, especially the relationships and team dynamics. The Tatsu and Jefferson relationship continues to be interesting and Duke Thomas’ evolution both in powers and as a character is compelling as well. I look forward to this story because of the interesting twists it takes and the ending of this issue promises some explosive moments to come for Batman and the Outsiders.

The Art: Dexter Soy delivers some powerful imagery in this issue. Not only do the characters look amazing, but the action is some of the best I’ve seen recently. There is an element to Soy’s style that brings the characters to the forefront and fills the panels with energy.

Batman and the Outsiders #8




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