The Hunger and the Dusk Book Two #1

IDW Publishing

Written by G. Willow Wilson

Art by Chris Wildgoose

Colors by Msassyk

Letters by Simon Bowland

The Rundown: Cal and the others need a healer as their enemies continue to grow.

Callum and his group the Last Men Standing might just live up to their name as another Vangol attack thins their ranks. With Tara leaving the party and heading back to her people, the group is without a healer and their bard is doing his best to keep the men alive. At the same time, they think about what they’ve lost and how much they valued their new friend.

When a new healer arrives, the camp is taken with the lovely Lissa and her ability to help. Cal and the others find themselves under attack by orcs and the tensions rising between the camps continues to rise as Cal realizes something that will take him away on a dangerous journey.

The Story: Wilson returns with a fantastic story of high adventure and fantasy that is gripping and engaging. The story adds some interesting complications for the characters as well as ramp up the drama both personal and external. I really enjoy the love story elements within and everything in the issue creates great moments for Cal as well as showcase the importance of the truce these desperate factions are trying to hold together. I also love how complicated things are going to get for everyone involved as the story evolves.

The Art: Wildgoose delivers stellar art throughout the issue. The visuals are filled with gorgeous details and incredible environments that dazzle the eye.

The Hunger and the Dusk Book Two #1



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