Critical Role: Tales of Exandria – Artagan #4

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Sam Maggs

Art by Aviv Or

Colors by Cris Peter

Letters by Ariana Maher

The Rundown: Artagan goes to visit the only friend he has in the world to ask for help.

Artagan has escaped to Exandria and finds himself at the feet of the only person who truly seems to care about him, Jester. After pleading for her help, she gives him some tough love in regards to taking responsibility for the hurt he’s caused.

After agreeing to return with him to the court, they appear before the judges and Jester decides to speak on his behalf. Keyleth also decides to speak for the fey and the judges must decide what punishment Artagan will face.

The Story: Maggs delivers a fantastic story in this issue. As a fan of Critical Role and the character of Artagan, I enjoy seeing him deal with the chaos he has created as well as the consequences of that chaos to those around him. This was a really sweet story involving his relationship with Jester and how she sees him because it adds more layers to the character through the eyes of someone who actually cares about him. The story does have a truly entertaining cliffhanger ending that teases some interesting things to come for the character.

The Art: Or delivers beautifully detailed and emotionally evocative art throughout the issue. I love the characters designs immensely and the beauty of the world being created in this issue.

Critical Role: Tales of Exandria – Artagan #4



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