The Haunting of Hill House


Season 1 Episode 8

Witness Marks


It’s time for Steve to learn some truths about Hill House and about his family. After Luke leaves the funeral home in Theo’s car with Shirley’s credit card, the family is upset because they think he’s going to use. Steve and Hugh go after him leaving Shirley and Theo at the funeral home still fighting with each other.


In the car, Steve continues to berate Hugh for the problems in the family. He’s convinced himself for years that the events that caused his mother’s death were the results of mental illness. An illness he believes is hereditary. He reveals to his father why he and his wife have separated and it has to do with the visions he refuses to believe are there. Hugh finally decides to tell him the truth about the house and the first thing he does is shatter one of Steve’s delusions about an important piece of furniture in the house, the grandfather clock.

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At the funeral home, Shirley and Theo are haunted by noises and a call that Luke has used the credit card near Hill House. They decide to go after him, but their bickering continues. It escalates to the point where Nellie’s ghost needs to intervene to get their heads in the game. Luke makes it to the house and tries to burn it down, but the house fights back and Luke is taken.


Everything comes to a head in this episode and it becomes impossible for Steven to ignore everything that is happening. The episode builds to some really awesome moments, especially Hugh putting the pieces together for Steven and the jump scare that ends Theo and Shirley’s fight. I love how this episode escalates everything and it looks like the next episode is going to reveal even more.

The Haunting of Hill House S01XE08




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