The Green Lantern Season Two #11

DC Comics

Written by Grant Morrison

Art and Color by Liam sharp

Letters by Steve Wands

The Rundown: Hal is charged with saving the universe and unwittingly finds himself in the middle of battle before he’s ready.

On planet Athmoora, in Sector 2814, Fekk and Sister Samandra witness a deadly encounter and try to contact lantern Hal Jordan for help. Meanwhile, Hal is dealing with the effects of Ultrawar and the new role the Young Guardians must play. We are given the background of “The Majistry” including their power source and agenda. Then, Hal is given a new and disturbing mission that he is drawn into before he has time to prepare.

The Story: I’m really interested in where this plot is going. This issue blends elements of traditional fantasy and sci-fi. It also delves into the psyche of the Green Lantern Corps. I like it when the typical heroes of a story challenge my view of them. And focusing on Hal’s perspective accomplishes that.

The Art: Liam Sharp uses a brilliant color palette to highlight tight, detailed drawings. There are several panels that left me breathless. I cannot say enough good things about the crafting of the artwork in this issue.

The Green Lantern Season Two #11



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