DC Love is a Battlefield #1

DC Comics

Written by Christos Gage, Crystal Frasier, Mark Russell, Marquis Draper, Tim Seeley, Cavan Scott, Regine Sawyer, Sina Grace, Pornsak Pichetshote and John Ridley

Art by Xermanico, Juan Gedeon, Nik Virella, Pop Mhan, Rebekah Isaacs, Jose Luis, Rob Guillory, Karl Mostert, Chris Moneyham and Amancay Nahuelpan

Colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr, Ulises Arreola, Chris Sotomayor, Kurt Michael Russell, Rex Lokus, Mike Spicer, Ivan Plascencia and June Chung

Letters by Troy Peteri, Marshall Dillon, Wes Abbott, Rob Leigh, Travis Lanham, Carlos M Mangual, Pat Brosseau, Andworld Design, Ferran Delgado and Steve Wands

The Rundown: A series of stories showcase the complicates and often strange love connections and relationships in the DC universe.

Perfect Matches

Catwoman gets invited to the wedding of Maxie Zeus on a yacht in international waters. With a boat filled with villains, the only way Batman can get aboard is by being her plus one in the guise of Matches Malone. As he gets to work being a hero, Selina reminds him that there are some advantages to being at a villain party. Namely, getting the chance to cut loose.

A fun short story that has an entertaining message. The art is fun and well detailed throughout.


Steve Trevor takes Diana on a date for Valentine’s Day and they are interrupted by an attack by the Blue Snowman. A villain who has no love for the holiday, Blue Snowman attempts to show Steve and Diana how flawed their relationship is after chaining them together during the battle.

While the story is interesting and there are some compelling moments to be had within it, the plot and the dialogue unfortunately showcase what an annoying character Steve Trevor is. His whining and constant complaining make his presence in the story a hindrance.

Loose Lips

Perry White meets with Amanda Waller about a missing reporter and a coup in San Jacinto. After both parties snipe and jab at each other about freedom of the press and other political footballs, they find themselves getting a little too close for comfort.

A different kind of story with characters that seem completely unlikely in the scenario created, but it works. The story is fun and entertaining with great art.

A Tale of Two Titans

Wallace and Amiko are about to have their first official date and things are tense on both sides. Wallace can’t get things together wardrobe wise and goes a little nutty shopping throughout the city for the perfect outfit. Red Arrow isn’t doing much better and her constant checking on her reservation is starting to annoy Crush. Avery steps in to get Wallace back on track, but she is hiding a secret of her own.

A fun short story that has great elements of teen drama peppered throughout it. The dialogue is fun and the themes are well done as well.

The Beginning

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy discuss the beginnings and the evolution of their relationship over time. They talk about their ups and downs and how they were each there for each other when they need someone. A relationship journey that culminates in a choice they make together about their future.

A poignant and sweet story that has a lot of humor and heart. Great art from Rebekah Isaacs as well.

Together Forever

Hawkman and Hawkgirl team up to stop an ancient space tomb from colliding with the Earth. As they enter the structure, they discover this particular tomb is not completely unguarded. A revelation that send them on a journey through their shared past and a similar discovery.

A great short story that showcases the history of these two characters and the bond that connects them as well as powerful that connection can be. Jose Luis delivers some great art in this story.


Scott Free and Barda decide to take a vacation for their anniversary. Unfortunately, the tranquility of the setting is interrupted by a visit from the Furies who believe that the couple are working on a weapon that threatens Darkseid. Things get more complicated when the truth is revealed.

A good story. The dialogue and the plot are well done and I liked the fun twist towards the end of the story.


Former flames Nightwing and Starfire find themselves working together to stop a Justice League level threat in paradise. The tension comes not only from the fight but from the unresolved issues in their relationship. The attack leads the heroes to reveal some strong truths about their past and what those truths might mean for their future.

A really good story that is interesting and well told. I enjoyed the double meaning in the title and the art was full of great action.


Sgt. Rock meets with the commander of Able company and one of his men to escort a German double agent out of enemy territory. A mission that will take them through a heavily fortified area guarded by a tank. As Rock waits for the opportunity to begin their plan, he comes to a realization about the men he’s serving with. A realization that will expand his view of love.

An interesting and timely story that has some deep meaning in both its plot and its characters. Great art immerses the reader in a story that I wish had been longer.

The Heart Wants

John Stewart feels something in his heart and he knows who might be the cause. After contacting his ring, he is taken to Zamaron where he discovers that the Zamorans are holding Yrra aka Fatality. After a tense confrontation with the planet’s leader, John must reconcile one of his greatest mistakes and how it created the situation he finds himself in with a woman he is tethered to by a deep connection and his desire to save her.

A great short story that has layers of emotion and story to it. The story is punctuated by fantastic art from Amancay Nahuelpan.

DC Love is a Battlefield #1



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