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The Green Lantern #2

DC Comics

Written by Grant Morrison

Art by Liam Sharp

Colors by Steve Oliff

Letters by Tom Orzechowski

As strange events unfold across the galaxy, Hal Jordan has to face a personal fear to get valuable information.


A mass murderer named Evil Star is released from a prison deep in the darkest region of the universe and the Lantern guarding him is injured. When the story is told to another Lantern, he finds himself telling Jordan on Oa as the Green Lantern of Earth heads to lunch and then to an interrogation of one of the space pirates he captured.

Volk informs Jordan about his case and how it might be connected to the missing planets and Jordan confronts his fear of spiders to confront the spider pirate he has in custody. It’s a tense and interesting scene that showcases Jordan as a mentor as well as a skilled interrogator. When his investigation leads him back to Earth, Hal discovers that the case he is investigating is linked to Volk’s in a big way.

This is an interesting second issue that continues to expand and showcase the larger universe Hal Jordan is a part of. While the overall mystery of this series is interesting, I continue to be in the dark about what Morrison is trying to convey in this story and with Jordan himself. I don’t really get a sense of what this story is trying to be or where it’s going and that is great as a mystery fan, but slightly frustrating in trying to find a way to connect with and continue to read this series.

The art is amazingly detailed and beautiful. All of the character designs are impressive, especially the Lantern characters.


The green lantern #2




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