DREAMNG_Cv4_ds-1The Dreaming #4

DC Vertigo Comics

Written by Simon Spurrier

Art by Bilquis Evely

Colors by Mat Lopes

Realization and rebellions abound in the Dreaming.

Cain has leapt into the Rift to find out why Abel returned smarter and more confident than he was before. The entity that resides in the Rift decides to give the “first murderer” a lesson in who he really is and to give him a sense of clarity about his place.


At the same time, the Judge and his followers are dishing out lethal justice to any entity that dares to cross the breach into the dreaming. As totalitarian as the world has become, Judge Gallows isn’t done yet. He has his minions bring in something new to show the citizens of the Dreaming what happens when he is crossed and he is going to publicly execute one of the Blanks to show his dominance.

Lucien comes up with a desperate plan and the one thing that he needs for it to succeed is Dora. After luring the Judge to a meeting, Lucien and Dora launch what could either be their salvation or their destruction.

Everything in this issue is tense and well paced. I love the evolution of these characters and their interactions as this story progresses and I continue to be curious where this story will go next. Spurrier is taking this story to interesting and unknown places and the journey is as interesting as the final destination. I continue to be interested in where Dream will fit into this narrative and also how significant is Dora to the overall arc of this tale.

Evely’s art is stunning in this issue. There are so many glorious and interesting panels with dynamic visuals in both the characters and the backgrounds. A consistently beautiful looking book.

The Dreaming #4




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