the-freeze-4_57d9f819a7The Freeze #4

Image Comics

Written by Dan Wickline

Art by Phillip Sevy

Letters by Troy Peteri

The killers of the frozen have been revealed and their plans for Ray laid out. As Ray fights for his life, new secrets are revealed and the woman Ray unfroze finds out the truth about why.

Ray has been taken to the Griffith Observatory where Karen and two others decide to tell him why they have been killing the frozen and mutilating them. When the search for Ray begins, Karen tells Ray why she took him. Her beliefs have told him that he is flawed and needs direction. He was about to unfreeze someone evil and that act makes her question his ability to wield the power that he has been given.


When everyone realizes what is happening, there is a mad dash to find Ray and when they find out that Ray is being tracked, more secrets are revealed that throw motives in doubt. As the fight to save Ray intensifies, a new secret is revealed and in the present, Ray has another revelation for the woman he unfroze.

Everything in this series is getting more intense with every issue. The revelations are delightfully complex and interesting. The cliffhanger reveal towards the end opens up the series to many new avenues of storytelling and everything in this issue is compelling and engaging to read. Dan Wickline does a brilliant job of creating and building tension in this issue and the pay offs are brilliantly executed.

Phillip Sevy is amazing at taking the tension and pace of this story and bringing it to brilliant life in the art.

The Freeze #4




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