large-3183989Calamity Kate

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Magdalene Visaggio

Art by Corin Howell

Colors by Valentina Pinto

Letters by Zakk Saam

Calamity Kate is about to make some changes in her life.

After getting divorced, Kate decides to pick herself, dust herself off and gun her car across the desert slaying monsters along the way. Not figurative monsters either, real ones. Kate Strand is a monster hunter and one of the best in the world.


In Los Angeles, Vera is having her own issues. Namely, getting her daughter Jade ready for school in the morning. The struggle continues as she gets a knock on the door and her old friend Kate pops in for a visit. Unfortunately, Kate’s visit proves to be more than temporary when she tells her old friend that she needs a place to stay while she hunts. It’s a tense conversation the old friends have as Vera reminds her that she hasn’t seen Kate in years, but she relents and allows her to stay on a temporary basis.

Kate starts to make a name for herself in the city taking down every monster threat that comes her way and when she’s interviewed about a rival, she calls her out. Meanwhile, Vera has to deal with the fact that Kate has taken over her home with all of the mess monster hunting brings with it. At the end of her rope, Vera decides to have a talk with Kate about their living situation, but the monster killer tells her that she has a plan to take out the seven fabled beasts in order to secure her position as the best. Unfortunately, her first day on the hunt brings her face to face with the competition.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable and engaging first issue. Magdalene Visaggio has created an interesting and fun character in Kate and all of her supporting characters are equally appealing. Kate’s fierce, confidant bravado makes her jump off the page and I can’t wait to see where the story goes now that she’s met Javelin.

Corin Howell’s art is fantastic. There are so many amazingly detailed action scenes and the fights are brutally beautiful.

Calamity Kate #1




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