EmptyMan_005_A_MainThe Empty Man #5

Boom! Studios

Written by Cullen Bunn

Art by Jesus Hervas

Colors by Niko Guardia

Letters by Ed Dukeshire

The firefight in the hotel and the escape of Jensen and her group might have given the Empty Man exactly what he wanted.

News crews and the police have descended on the hotel room where the fight occurred and one of the officers decides to take cell phone video of the dead creature left behind in the room. As Jensen gets her partner help at the local hospital, the news begins to carry the story of the creature along with theories about it being from outer space. With a low-level panic beginning to rise, Jensen takes the family and runs.


Unable to drive, Jensen cedes control of the vehicle, but she is troubled by the events they barely survived. Something doesn’t sit right and only after really listening to Melissa does she finally put together the fact that the creatures attacked because they wanted to sacrifice one of their own to spread the message of the Empty Man. They wanted to be seen and for the message the creature has for the world to be spread across it.

With the message getting out to more and more people, Karl is left to take stock on what he has left in regards to leverage for what is to come. When he is told that he and his efforts are now obsolete, he pays a visit to a potential ace in the hole.

This issue of The Empty Man is both disturbing and revelatory. Cullen Bunn continues to shake the audience with this engaging and interesting story.

Jesus Hervas takes the intensity of the story and brings it to beautifully horrible life through the scary and detailed imagery that is on display.

The Empty Man #5




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