733653._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Alien 3 The Unproduced Screenplay #3

Dark Horse Comics

Written by William Gibson and Johnnie Christmas

Art by Johnnie Christmas

Colors by Tamra Bonvillain

Letters by Nate Piekos

Arrivals and departures are part of this issue.

Ripley is still unconscious and Hicks, Newt and Bishop have to deal with some new changes as well. Newt is leaving the station and returning to Earth. Her grandparents have been found and they are going to take her. It’s a bittersweet ending because she can’t say goodbye to Ripley.


Hicks does his best to help her stay positive. As Bishop is brought on to take over the alien research project, the former scientists enlist Hicks in a dangerous mission to destroy the samples before the company can clone the creatures. Unfortunately for everyone, the cat has been let out of the bag and a xenomorph is carving a path of destruction throughout Rodina station.

Alien 3 is doing a great job of creating a larger world for the characters as well as slowing down the story to concentrate on the characters. Unfortunately, sometimes that can be a liability. As interesting as the building tension on both Rodina and Anchorbay, the core characters that have been the focus take a back seat at moments when they should have more of the spotlight. Newt and Hicks have some good moments, but there’s a disconnect in their interactions that takes away from the history and experiences they shared.

Bishop’s arc is more interesting and should drive more of the plot of this issue, but he’s relegated to a passenger through most of this issue. That being said, there are some great moments in this issue from both the expanding conspiracy surrounding Weyland Yutani and UPP. Those elements are great as are all of the action scenes involving the escaping alien at Rodina. The fact that another issue is happening on Anchorbay and Ripley is still unconscious adds some additional drama to this issue that offsets some of the pacing problems.

Alien 3 The Unproduced Screenplay #3




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