The Flash #783

DC Comics

Written by Jeremy Adams

Art by Amancay Nahuelpan

Colors by Jeromy Cox

Letters by Rob Leigh

The Rundown: The hunt for Barry Allen will take some surprising detours.

Mr. Terrific has brought Wally into his lab in order to conduct an experiment that will require his special skills. An experiment that will hopefully bring back the missing Barry Allen. With the Justice League presumed dead, Holt believes that Barry could help. Wally will not be working alone as Max Mercury, Wallace, Jay and other speedsters arrive to help.

Unfortunately, a surprise visit from Wally’s kids will result in the two of them getting lost in the device. With time running out and Linda trying to find the courage to reveal a secret to her husband, Wally and the others will have to enter the speed force in order to locate Barry and the kids on a series of worlds in the omniverse. Worlds that could be more dangerous than they imagined.

The Story: Adams begins with an interesting premise that quickly dissolves into comic book Pablum. The inciting incident of the story is so cliché that it almost feels like the story is trying to upset the reader with it. There are so many other ways that the hunt for Barry could have been compelling to fans of the character and readers of the current arc. This feels wrong and its executed in a way that makes me question whether or not I want to read any further.

The Art: Nahuelpan delivers some great art in the issue. I like the different styles and the contrast between the real world and the idealized world that Barry is trapped in.

The Flash #783



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