Duo #2

DC Comics

Written by Greg Pak

Art by Khoi Pham

Inks by Scott Hanna

Colors by Chris Sotomayor

Letters by Janice Chiang

The Rundown: As Dr. David Kim learns more about his new abilities, he faces challenges from several enemies.

After fleeing from a traumatic incident, David wanders in a remote area where he communicates with Kelly and the two begin to unlock their powers. Soon, they are attacked by deadly objects and must work together in order to escape. Meanwhile, a group of Immutables watch their actions. They discuss David’s abilities, observe his battle, and eventually plan their next move. Later, David attends Kelly’s funeral. There he meets Detective Maya Truco. When she makes an allusion to something disturbing, David makes an unexpected declaration that leads to a surprising event.

The Story: The second chapter in this story delivers both action, and world-building content. I am impressed with the way Pak crafts this narrative in a way that incorporates the voices of David and Kelly in a seamless fashion. Their synchronicity during the action sequences is reminiscent of the way Oracle guides the Bat Team. It’s also reflective of the power dynamic in their relationship and I hope that this series takes the time to focus on that aspect of their new arrangement. I feel a promising commentary on marriage and partnership could come of this storyline.

The Art: This appealing issue features well-conceived visuals that perfectly capture the story from the perspective of both the real world and what’s happening inside David’s head. The lettering also clearly represents the different voices and whether the conversations are internal or external. Overall, the artwork creates an emotional connectivity to the characters within while providing a transportive experience.

Duo #2



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