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Season 5 Episode 9


Official Description – Amos, Clarissa, and a gang of thieves work together to leave Earth. Avasarala tries to head off a brutal military strike. Drummer’s new family bonds are tested as Naomis’s life hangs in the balance.

The penultimate episode of the season revolves primarily around Avasarala on Luna, and the crew on Earth. The show opens with the crews of the Pella, Rocinante and Razorback each intercepting Naomi’s updated message on the Chetzemoka. Karal has indicated to Marco there may be a problem aboard the Chetzemoka. Naomi’s status aboard the ship has become clear.

On Earth, Amos and Clarissa arrive at Lake Winnipesaukee, The Estates with their friends from Baltimore. They find a shuttle in the hangar of a home abandoned by everyone except the wait staff. However, it appears to be inoperable. The Baltimore team’s arrival by helicopter alerts several unexpected groups their whereabouts. Clarissa wants to help as many people as possible regardless of their usefulness. She waxes philosophical in a conversation with Erich regarding Earth and the Belt. After a confrontation, Clarissa and Amos must attempt to protect their new found shelter, and find a way off of Earth, before their supplies run out.

Back on Luna, Chrisjen Avasarala discovers the UN has ordered a strike on Pallas Station as retribution for Marco Inaros’s attack on Earth. In a cabinet meeting, Secretary General David Paster and Admiral Delgado want to strike Ceres Station, another large Belter congregate. Avasarala is opposed to the idea as it will cause the deaths of millions of Belters including children. In an impassioned speech, we learn Avasarala’s husband died in the attack on Earth. When she quits her cabinet position in protest of the Ceres attack, it sets off a series of events that will turn the tides in her favor. She offers an invitation to an old friend that promptly turns her down.

In space, aboard the DeWalt, the Drummer faction is taking orders from Marco with Karal as his representative on board. Marco orders Camina Drummer and crew to rendezvous with others in the Free Navy to intercept the Rocinante. Camina questions Karal on this decision and is met with her ire. Later Camina discovers Naomi may be alive and is faced with a choice that could compromise her crew.

Aboard the Pella, Marco tells Filip of Naomi’s escape plan. And an emotional scene follows as the two face the fact that Naomi has once again left them. Meanwhile, Naomi is aboard the Chetzemoka and trying desperately to save her friends from a plot devised by Marco.

Once again, we have an episode loaded with content. The politics between Earth and the Belt are out front. And Shohreh Aghdashloo shines as Chrisjen Avasarala. The passion she gives to her monologues gives me chills every time.

The action in this episode is amped up, and we see an exciting battle with an explosive ending. I’m also interested in the palpable change Clarissa Mao has undergone since she is first introduced to the viewer in Season 3. I’m looking forward to her continued development.

But I have to stay, the stand out for this episode are the performances by Jasai Owens and Keon Alexander as Filip and Marco Inaros. Although their appearance together in this episode is only around 3.5 minutes, it delivers. Their chemistry is amazing. And the sorrow that both characters show over their loss of Naomi speaks to the dual nature of hate and love. The superb acting left me speechless.

The Expanse S05XE09



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