ST-Discovery-Annual-Saru-copyStar Trek Discovery: Captain Saru

IDW Publishing

Written by Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson

Art by Angel Hernandez

Colors by JL Rio and Valentina Pinto

Letters by Christa Meisner

Saru is awakened from a very pleasant dream to a call from Michael asking him to meet her on Earth.

As the two tour the Louvre, Michael tries to get her Commander to put in for command of Discovery. Not thinking he is ready for the responsibility, Saru tells his friend that he doesn’t have the experience required to be Captain.


Back on Discovery, Saru is overseeing the repairs to the ship when he is called to a meeting with Admiral Cornwell. The ship that Tilly grew up on and has returned to is missing and Discovery is the only ship close enough to investigate.

With a skeleton crew and repairs still ongoing, Saru travels to the last known coordinates of the ship only to find most of the crew gone and Tilly warning them of an ambush. The boarding party Saru sends over to investigate disappears and it turns out that everyone has been taken captive by an Orion slave trader. Saru must find a way to free his crew, the crew on the other ship and outwit the Orion Captain who reveals that the only price for the safe return of the captives is Discovery herself.

Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson have written an intense, engaging and thoroughly enjoyable thriller with this one-shot. Saru is an interesting and enigmatic character and this issue showcases the audiences desire to see more of the character and how he commands. The pace was perfect and the dialogue was fun. I enjoyed the way this story unfolded and the ending.

Angel Hernandez delivers some stunning art in this issue. Everything from the characters to the ships looks beautifully detailed. A great looking issue.




Captain Saru #1




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