die-5_93592a8459DIE #5

Image Comics

Written by Kieron Gillen

Art by Stephanie Hans

Letters by Clayton Cowles

Ash thinks the best way to bring Sol to them would be to do the one thing he always hated from the time they were kids.

Ash is going to break one of Sol’s biggest toys, Glass Town.


First, she will need to get the Chamberlain to give her all the information he can about the city and its defenses. Once that is taken care of, everyone in the city is told to meet in the great hall. Then Ash’s plans go into action.

Utilizing the unique skills of the rest of the band, an attack on Glass Town is ordered and all of the defenses are down as the townspeople are evacuated out of the city. The attack brings Sol forth and they confront him one last time with the option for them all to leave the game. When he refuses, Ash makes a desperate move to remove him as a threat. Unfortunately, that might not be enough to convince them all to want to leave the fantasy world behind.

I really enjoyed the unconventional and interesting approach Gillen took in telling this part of the story. Instead of dragging out this part of the story unnecessarily, he brings everything to a head while simultaneously raising the stakes for everything to come. The characters and their dialogue continue to be a highlight and Ash’s narration gives so much interesting information about the characters themselves.

Stephanie Hans’ beautiful artwork makes this issue leap off the page as both the characters and action are rendered in magnificent detail.

Die #5




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