The Dollhouse Family #1

DC Black Label/ Hill House Comics

Written by M.R. Carey

Art by Peter Gross and Vince Locke

Colors by Cris Peter

Letters by Todd Klein

The Rundown: A mysterious cave and an unassuming dollhouse will connect one little girl to unspeakable horror.


Young Alice has been given an old dollhouse by her late aunt. One filled with dolls. Her father and mother clash over whether to give it to her or have it appraised for its value. Reluctantly, her father relents and Alice begins to play with her dolls.

After giving them names, she spends more and more time with the dollhouse to escape the turmoil of her home and the violence of her father. When Alice discovers that she can shrink down and enter the house, the dolls come to life and show her a world away from the one she knows, but an entity in the house requires something from her if she’s to stay.

The Story: This first issue has a slow, deliberate build up to a dark, yet satisfying, conclusion. The story is dark and filled with mystery and Carey does an excellent job of building the world these characters inhabit. I really enjoyed this story and how its impending horror manifests. Each page was filled with details that draw in the reader. I can’t wait to see how the consequences of Lally’s actions play out and what connection they have to the other story being told. There is a lot of story here and Carey does an excellent job of making all of it compelling.

The Art: The art from Gross and Locke is deceptively well done. They manage to make the pages look innocent and simple while luring the reader in with beautifully haunting visuals and an excellent use of shadows and atmosphere.

The Dollhouse Family #1




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