Far Sector #1

DC Young Animal

Written by N.K Jemisin

Art by Jamal Campbell

Letters by Deron Bennett

The Rundown: A new Green Lantern will begin her first murder investigation on a world with violence.

Lantern Mullein has been brought in to investigate a murder on a far off sector of space that has been without violence or emotion in over five hundred years. With no infrastructure to investigate the crime, Mullein must start from scratch as she deals with both the crime itself, her new surroundings and the the politics of a sector that was formally at war with itself.


As tensions mount, Mullein will find herself in the middle of a political powder keg with a people unfamiliar with violence and politicians who want to hold onto the fragile peace. Things get even more complicated when a second body is found.

The Story: A new Lantern in a new sector of space with no backup presents a challenging and ultimately more interesting story. Jemisin decides to bring in a new Green Lantern for this story and that is a smart move both thematically and in service to the narrative. Mullein isn’t bogged down with the baggage of previous Lanterns and her personality is allowed to form and evolve as readers get to know who she is as a character. Her personality is refreshing because it’s new.

The story is engaging as well. The short history of the sector illuminates the reader to the precarious peace these worlds enjoy while also explaining the stakes of what Mullein is facing in her investigation. Mullein’s inner dialogue is fun and engaging as she takes on the role of narrator and acts as the readers eyes and ears to the events.

The Art: Jamal Campbell’s art is beautiful. Everything from the characters to the brilliantly detailed backgrounds is fantastic. The characters are expressive and Campbell is brilliant in his use of light and color.

Far Sector #1




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