The Department of Truth #13

Image Comics

Written by James Tynion IV

Art by Martin Simmonds

Letters by Aditya Bidikar

The Rundown: Hawk brings Cole to the place where his world changed and gives him a choice about how to save the world itself.

Hawk decides to bring Cole back where it all started as the man wonders if his current partner is getting ready to kill him. Unfortunately, the pair bypass the house he grew up in and take him somewhere even more sinister, his former school. When Cole gets the drop on Hawk, the man tries to explain to the young agent why the people he works for want him and why they are so dangerous.

Cole ends up following Hawk into the school where they dive back into his memories. Even in the aftermath of what he believes to be a lie, Hawk shows him some very troubling and very real truth as they descend into a passage Cole was convinced didn’t exist. He tells Cole about the role he played in promoting and selling the satanic panic to the masses and how it connects to Cole’s own story. When they reach their destination, they find themselves facing the monster of Cole’s past and a revelation of what Hawk believes is the real enemy facing truth and the world.

The Story: The mystery continues to get intense and the plot continues to evolve into a rich and engaging look at both the country and the concepts of both truth and power. James Tynion IV presents another challenging issue that is both revelatory and entertaining. There are some big things and ideas being talked about in this issue and it is the fact that these big ideas are part of the plot that makes this series and issue so compelling.

The Art: Simmonds continues to dazzle me with the art in this issue and the series itself. Every page looks like a painting that should adorn the wall of a gallery. That’s how good the art continues to be.

The Department of Truth #13



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