Amazing Fantasy #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Kaare Andrews

Art by Kaare Andrews

Colors by Brian Reber

Letters by Joe Sabino

The Rundown: The different tribes prepare for war while a mysterious new party watches.

Watching from the secret location, a young Storm serves and protects a powerful being with designs on the world the heroes now inhabit. On the planet, Steve trains the Cat Women in preparation for a conflict with the Orcs who they broke a treaty with. Peter continues helping the people at Dragon Rock but notices something is wrong with Uncle Ben. As they talk, the being they’re training the dragons for arrives.

At the palace, Natasha confronts her guard regarding his feelings about the ruler he serves and Natasha’s presence in the kingdom. As he attempts to get information from her, she deduces his true motives and uses her skills to have him dealt with. As she prepares her forces for war, the King receives a visitor. As multiple forces converge on the battle field with their own agendas, Cap tries to broker peace. Unfortunately, his words fall on deaf ears and the ensuing melee will uncover a devastating betrayal.

The Story: Andrews crafts and entertaining story in this issue. There are some great character moments throughout and I enjoy seeing the story evolve with each character. As the world of the story expands, I worry that things within it will be lost, but Andrews keeps the narrative tight and interesting enough to make me want to see what happens next.

The Art: Andrews does great work with the art in the issue. The scale of the imagery is fantastic and the energy in the action is eye catching.

Amazing Fantasy #3



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