The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance #2

Boom! Studios

Written by Nicole Andelfinger

Art by Matias Basla

Colors by Miquel Muerto

Letters by Jim Campbell

The Rundown: Ordon and Fara will find their quest hitting a snag when an Arathim attack threatens to end it prematurely.


When an Arathim attacks both Ordon and Fara, the Gelfling warrior must spring into action to protect the future leader of his clan. Unfortunately, that becomes harder when he is both injured and poisoned by the creature.

As they continue on their journey to retrieve the Dual Glaive, Fara does her best to help and the injury to Ordon along with the other threats and dangers of Thra will drive the pair into the path of someone unexpected.

The Story: This is a well done and fine continuation of the story. There are some great character elements throughout. The plot moves really well and the dialogue is fantastic. Keeping the story focused on the two characters does a great job of making them more accessible to the reader. The pace of the story and its surprise ending are both welcome and entertaining.

The Art: Matias Basla brings some beautiful character and background design to this issue. Everything has a feeling of motion and energy as the story moves forward and the pace and style of the art are the perfect complements to the story.

The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance #2




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