Batman and the Outsiders Annual #1

DC Comics

Written by Bryan Hill

Art by Max Raynor

Colors by Luis Guerrero

Letters  by Troy Peteri

The Rundown: Katana must finally face her destiny. A destiny that will be born in death and forged in blood.

Jefferson has decided to travel with Tatsu to Japan to find a way to help her free the soul of her dead husband from both the Soultaker and the demon locked inside it. After telling him about the legend that connects her to the sword, she takes Jefferson to someone with answers. Unfortunately, those answers will require her to make a deadly sacrifice.


With the answers she needs, Katana will have to enter the Soultaker in order to rescue her husbands soul, defeat the demon and face her destiny. In order to do that, she will need the help of someone on the outside to keep her safe.

The Story: What I liked about this annual is that it concentrates on the relationship between the two adults that are supposed to be leading this new team of Outsiders. Hill takes this story and makes it about Katana facing her destiny as well as Jefferson proving that he can and will be there for her. The dynamic between the two of them has been one of the things that keeps me interested in this book and I like that Hill is exploring that as well as bringing some of Tatsu’s story to a worthwhile conclusion.

The Art: Max Raynor has some beautifully detailed art throughout this issue and I love the way he’s rendered the characters and the action.

Batman and the Outsiders Annual #1




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