The Crow: Hark the Herald #1

IDW Publishing

Written by Tim Seeley

Art by Meredith Laxton

Colors by Katrina Mae Hao

Letters by Will Cook

Every year a group of professional killers meets to celebrate the holidays. This year, they’ll have an uninvited guest.


Brandi and her father spend every year having a hunting trip together in the mountains. At the same time, a small group of assassins stays on the same mountain in an attempt to find a sense of normalcy in their lives. Both groups will converge in the same place with deadly results.

The next year, the killers meet again to celebrate, but something is hunting them. Something that cannot be killed. Something that will make them pay for their choices with its own form of justice.

This is the perfect dark holiday tale for fans of revenge and The Crow’s form of justice. Tim Seeley nails both the tension and dark fantasy of this story and in a one-shot, creates a group of characters that are engaging and a protagonist the reader and connect with. Giving the reader a background in flashbacks to the tragedy that leads Brandi on her path is a great touch and helps to enhance the story. The fact that the story is able to effortlessly shift between time and perspective makes this one-shot definitely worth reading.

Meredith Laxton offers some beautifully detailed and moving art in this issue. The scenes are full of atmosphere and you can feel the tension in the panels. I love the visual style of this issue and the way Laxton lays out the story.

The Crow: Hark the Herald #1




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