Killadelphia #1

Image Comics

Written by Rodney Barnes

Art by Jason Shawn Alexander

Colors by Luis NCT

Letters by Marshall Dillon

The Rundown: Jim Sangster Jr will return to Philadelphia to bury his father and solve his final case. But neither will stay buried for long.


Jim Sangster Sr. knows something is wrong in the city. Reports of missing persons and multiple homicides have caused the detective to team with a forensic scientist to find out why the bodies are drained of blood. Unfortunately, a call about a possible witness/suspect will result in Jim Sr. being killed in an ambush.

When Jim Sangster Jr, a detective from another city arrives to bury his father, he finds the old man’s journal and continues the investigation when he hears his father believes the city is infested with Vampires.

The Story: Killadelphia is a new and thoroughly enjoyable take on the vampire story. Combining politics, family drama and a noir-style detective story, Rodney Barnes crafts an entertaining first issue filled with atmosphere and interesting characters. The mystery of this story has already gotten my attention and the characters themselves have drawn me in to this world where I want to know more about Jim’s complicated relationship with his father as well as the vampire plague and how it originates.

Killadelphia builds a dark and disturbing world in its first issue and fills it with rich story, human drama and a mystery I want to explore. That final page in this first issue grabbed me and made me smile.

The Art: Jason Shawn Alexander’s beautiful, dark and stark artwork in this issue makes everything more dramatic and scary. There is a sequence with Jim Sr. entering the darkness of a building that is chilling to behold and there are more gorgeously done, dark visuals throughout this issue. Definitely a must read.

Killadelphia #1




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