The Amazing Spider-Man #91

Marvel Comics

Written by Kelly Thompson

Art by Sara Pichelli and Fran Galan

Colors by Brian Reber

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Peter and Ben infiltrate a Beyond facility, but one of them has a hidden agenda.

Peter and Ben have infiltrated Beyond’s supervillain facility, but the blank spots in Ben’s memory threaten the mission and their lives. While the pair fight a small army of failed experiments, Ben’s issues continue. At the same time, Maxine decides to send her forces to the facility to teach Ben a lesson. While the two make their way deeper into the building, Ben’s issues prompt a hasty rescue and the appearance of a couple of familiar faces.

While the Spider-Men and their allies fight to contain the escaping experiments, Ben reveals that he has another mission. A personal one. While Ben tries to hack the systems of the facility, Maxine warns him that she can stop him by unleashing something they have trapped deep within the facility. Something he will leave his friends behind to face as he heads to Beyond to stop Maxine once and for all.

The Story: Thompson crafts a story that has some great humor, dialogue and thrills throughout. I love the buildup throughout the story and how the reader doesn’t know what is happening with Ben or what it will mean. The banter between the characters is great and there is a lot of fun I this issue while also tackling some pretty heavy drama.

The Art: Pichelli and Galan deliver some great art in the issue. There are some awesome visual gags and the art perfectly captures both the light and darker tones of the story.

The Amazing Spider-Man #91



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