Star Wars #21

Marvel Comics

Written by Charles Soule

Art by Marco Castiello and Ramon Rosanas

Colors by Rachelle Rosenberg

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Shara Bey finds danger everywhere as she sends important info to the rebellion.

A lone Stormtrooper moves through the Tarkin’s Will gathering information until she is interrupted by an officer who is suspicious. After finding a way to escape, Shara Bey realizes that she has been lucky so far. Her husband Kes Dameron continues to worry about his wife and the dangers of her mission prompt him to ask again when they are going to launch a rescue mission. A message from Shara recounts what she’s been able to discover and how she’s been able to stay hidden.

At the same time, Commander Zahra starts to put the pieces together of what happened on the ship and when she gets a report regarding a strange Stormtrooper, she realizes that there is someone on board her ship to hunt. With her hiding place compromised, Shara will have to find a way to rescue herself and that means getting off an imperial star destroyer in a ship with light speed. Unfortunately, the commander hunting her is smarter than she thinks.

The Story: Soule delivers some great drama and mystery in this issue. There is a great level of tension throughout the story and Soule manages to bring that to the surface with some great heart as well. The relationship between Shara and Kes feels authentic and his concern is palpable. The mystery elements are great as well and I love how the story evolves into a thrilling cliffhanger that makes me interested in seeing what happens next.

The Art: Castiello and Rosanas deliver some beautiful art on every page of this issue. The visuals are dynamic. I loved the use of shadow throughout and the details were beautiful.

Star Wars #21



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