The Amazing Spider-Man #88.Bey

Marvel Comics

Written by Geoffrey Thorne

Art by Jan Bazaldua and Jim Towe

Colors by Jim Campbell

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: One of the Slingers finds himself investigating the Beyond Corporation.

During Knull’s invasion of the Earth, Hobie Brown dives into the action to rescue civilians while the rest of the heroes fight symbiotes and the King in Black himself. With all of the action and carnage all around him, Hobie has an idea. One that he will decide to pitch to Mindy to get her on board. He shows the collateral damage from past encounters civilians have had with superhero fights and how he can use his network and contacts to make a difference.

Unfortunately, a call from one of his employees changes everything when he discovers that the Beyond Corporation now owns his business and everything in it. After receiving a generous payout, Hobie wonders why Beyond paid so much for the company and what they want with its servers. Hobie decides to put on his Hornet costume and get some answers. What he discovers is that Beyond has some other heroes in their employ and some shady experiments going on under everyone’s nose.

The Story: Thorne delivers an entertaining story that does a good job of showing some of the reach and scope of the Beyond Corporation. I like that this tie-in issue connects to Peter’s past and to the Slingers specifically. There is an interesting story being told and it succeeds in expanding the Beyond storyline.

The Art: Bazaldua and Towe create some dynamic and visually interesting art in this issue. The art styles complement each other well and there are some great detailed moment throughout.

The Amazing Spider-Man #88.Bey



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