The Amazing Spider-Man #87

Marvel Comics

Written by Zeb Wells

Art by Carlos Gomez

Colors by Bryan Valenza

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Peter Parker takes the first steps to becoming Spider-Man again with some help from some old friends.

The unlikely duo of Felicia Hardy and Steve Rogers are having dinner at a local bar and decide to team up for an interesting plan. A plan to get Spider-Man back into the fight without him getting killed. The next day, the three of them are on the roof and Peter’s re-training begins in earnest. To make things more difficult, Black Cat has decided that he can’t have his suit back until he’s ready. At the same time, the guy who is wearing the suit has come out of his Beyond Corporation led readjustment and is being trained as well.

Peter finds his training with Black Cat to be more intense than he thought and his self-doubt is making it even worse. While Maxine becomes more aggressive in her tactics to protect the Beyond Corporation and its assets, Captain America takes over Peter’s training with a little unorthodox help from Felicia. As Peter continues to train to be the hero he was, Ben Reilly is turning into an even better hero for the Beyond Corporation.

The Story: Wells does a great job of telling two different and compelling stories in this issue. Peter’s story is great and I love the team up of Black Cat and Captain America and how they each approach getting him back into the swing of things. I also really enjoyed the slow, dark buildup of what is happening to Ben at the Beyond Corporation. Both stories are well written and engaging and I cannot wait to see where they lead.

The Art: Gomez delivers some amazing art in this issue. The character designs are fantastic and the tone of the art is light and approachable which immediately helps engage the reader visually.

The Amazing Spider-Man #87



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