Hellboy The Silver Lantern Club #4

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Mike Mignola and Chris Roberson

Art by Ben Stenbeck and Christopher Mitten

Colors by Michelle Madsen

Letters by Clem Robins

The Rundown: Simon and his friends go on a drunken hunt for a dangerous prey.

A story of youth will prompt Simon to tell another tale of the adventures he shared with the Silver Lantern Club in his youth. A tale that will find Simon sitting among his friends until their evening of shared stories is interrupted by the arrival of an unusual man. An unusual man with a dire warning about danger stalking the streets of London. Simon soon discovers that the man he is traveling with has a history of hunting werewolves.

After breaking into a chemist’s shop and getting the supplies they need, Simon, Yad and Sir Edward Grey take to the streets to find the creature they are hunting. As the night continues, Simon becomes more and more concerned not only in the fact that they haven’t found anything, but their frequent stops at local pubs might make hunting the beast more difficult.

The Story: Mignola and Roberson craft a fun, funny and entertaining story in this issue. The plot is delightful and I love the growing exasperation of Simon throughout it as well as the parallel between what Hellboy is dealing with listening to the stories. The dialogue is great and I was engaged with the progression of the plot and where it took the reader.

The Art: Stenbeck and Mitten deliver some great imagery throughout the issue. The style of the art and the way panels were composed brilliantly captured the mood and tone of the story.

Hellboy The Silver Lantern Club #4



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