063A2B96-7BC9-4546-9082-AAF5EC024BF7The Amazing Spider-Man #798

Marvel Comics

Written by Dan Slott

Art by Stuart Immonen

Inks by Wade von Grawbadger

Colors by Marte Garcia

Peter Parker has found some level of balance in his life. He’s back to working at the Daily Bugle. He’s found a way to help people using his science smarts and he might have a lead on where the missing tritium might be. So, of course everything in his life is about to go to hell.


The moment happens when the Green Goblin bursts through the office and demands that Peter Parker bring Spider-Man to him. Peter doesn’t have time to figure out why his spider sense didn’t warn him and he heads off to change. On the other side of town, J Jonah Jameson is tied to a chair in Osborn’s lair and chastising himself for revealing Peter’s alter-ego to the Goblin and he is determined to find a way to escape. A rare moment from Jameson that speaks to the feelings he has for Peter.

Goblin continues to terrify the people at the Bugle and has brought along something that could level the entire building when Spider-Man arrives. Anti-Venom arrives at Urich’s hideout and finds Jameson there. After freeing him, he’s told about all the people who are in danger. That danger hits close to home when Liz’s nanny knocks out everyone in the house and kidnaps Norman’s grandchildren.

After Peter contains the explosion as best he can, Norman reveals himself as the new host of the Carnage symbiote. As the fight between the two becomes more intense, Norman gives Peter a choice that will save the lives of everyone he loves and with Peter gravely wounded and hiding, he might have to take it.

My description of this issue doesn’t do it justice. It is worth reading and seeing for yourself because it is really good. Slott has raised the stakes for both Peter and Osborn by not only pitting them against each other in a new way, but also putting new players on the field that complicate the matter. Immonen’s art is amazing as well with some great action sequences between Spidey and Goblin and an awesome conclusion.

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