batman44Batman #44

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Mikel Janin & Joelle Jones

Colors by June Chung & Jordie Bellaire

Selina Kyle can’t sleep and like every other creature of the night, she decides to go out into the city.

What follows is a series of moments between Catwoman and Batman that have been memorialized or hinted at over the years. Moments when both characters have seemingly had the other on the ropes only to pull back at the last-minute. It’s a montage of their relationship as Batman and Catwoman on display and how complicated it has been over the years for the two of them.


At the same time, Selina has broken into a bridal shop on Gotham and is on the hunt for the perfect wedding dress. Having the run of the place means that she can take her time and think about what she really wants as well as the circumstances that brought them together. It makes for some interesting character moments as the arc of the story seems to indicate all of the inherent problems with the two of them trying to be husband and wife, given their respective backgrounds and night-time activities.

There are moments that solidify the best of who they are and moments that scream out the worst of what they are together. It’s an interesting issue that takes great pains to showcase some of the misgivings that readers have had about this couple since the engagement issue. King does an amazing job of having the characters work out many of their issues through conversation.

The dialogue is amazing and there is a natural flow to it that takes it to a level slightly above that of standard comic book dialogue. There is a sense of uncertainty that continues throughout this issue and that only feeds into the overall drama of the piece and adds another emotional layer to it. I continue to be fascinated with how this storyline will continue.

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