The Amazing Spider-Man #76

Marvel Comics

Written by Zeb Wells

Art by Patrick Gleason

Colors by Marcio Menyz

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Peter fights for his life and Ben re-thinks his approach to being Spider-Man.

In the aftermath of their fight with the U-Foes, Peter is seriously injured and Ben has to make the call to May to tell her Peter is in the hospital. When Mary Jane arrives, Ben is long gone as Peter fights the poison inside him. Ben returns to Beyond Tower and his handler tells him that he needs to head back out and stop the U-Foes. Peter finally wakes up when May arrives and Ben meets with the rest of his team to prepare to go after the U-Foes again.

Overwhelmed by recent events, Ben heads out alone and May confronts the doctor treating Peter. Ben returns to see Peter and is confronted by Mary Jane. After a heart to heart, Ben leaves renewed and Peter takes a turn for the worse. In the aftermath, Ben goes after the U-Foes and introduces them to his new toys.

The Story: Wells crafts a fun and entertaining story in this issue. The contrast between Peter and Ben’s stories continues to be entertaining and engaging in how they contrast with each other. I like that Wells is still keeping aspects of the story hidden and allowing the characters to evolve. It will be interesting to see how Ben’s new life will affect the people in Peter’s and even more interesting to see what happens to Peter in the wake of the issue’s cliffhanger ending.

The Art: Patrick Gleason delivers some thrilling visuals throughout the issue. There is great action as well as great character moments between Peter and the people in his life. I liked the last few images a lot and they had an interesting 90’s aesthetic.

The Amazing Spider-Man #76



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