The Immortal Hulk #50

Marvel Comics

Written by Al Ewing

Art by Joe Bennett

Inks by Ruy Jose and Belardino Brabo

Colors by Paul Mounts

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: An unknown past is revealed and two Hulks fight for the future of Bruce Banner.

In the past, a man of science and a man of god, brothers, meet at the scientist’s home one evening to discuss the man’s delivery of a newly discovered gamma radiation sample. As the scientist and his brother continue to talk, a connection grows between the scientist and a familiar name to the Hulk in the future. Years later, McGee recalls the events that led to the destruction of her home at the hands of the Hulk. In the present, McGee continues her travels through the Below Place with a pair of Hulks at her side as they attempt to rescue Bruce and stop the Leader. Something that will be hard to do once they discover the true scope of what Sterns has become.

In the real world, Jennifer and the Fantastic Four worry that they might not be able to bring the group back based on the unknown properties of the world. An old friend decides to show up and help while both Hulks make their way into the Leader’s fortress and discover something even darker awaiting them after confronting ghosts of their pasts. After being attacked by the Leader, it will take McGee to finally make sense of her role in events and how she can help. As things get more intense inside Bruce, secrets are revealed, a connection is unearthed and a new beginning for some.

The Story: Ewing brings this arc to a brilliantly complex and engaging conclusion. There is a lot to unpack in this issue and the themes are both heavy and thought-provoking. What makes it so great is how complex and intriguing the story gets as well as how deep the storytelling and characterizations become. A brilliantly written story with complexity, intellect and heart.

The Art: Joe Bennett delivers some brilliant visuals filled with scope and gorgeous details. The issue is filled with emotion on every page and each panel delivers some great imagery.

The Immortal Hulk #50



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