Black Hammer Reborn #4

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Jeff Lemire

Art by Caitlin Yarsky

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Nate Piekos

The Rundown: Colonel Weird returns to fulfill a devastating promise.

Without notice or fanfare, Colonel Weird shows up in the home of Lucy and her family. Her initial shock gives way to anger when Weird starts telling her that she needs to come with him despite her objections and that of her family. After revealing that the hammer is still working, he takes Lucy into the para-zone to take her back into her memories and her fight with Doctor Robinson. A fight that will give her the first clues to the events unfolding around her.

Weird also shows her the truth about her family and their connection to events. A connection that starts after a second encounter with Robinson that not only reveals the lengths of his plan, but will require Lucy to make the ultimate choice to stop him. A choice that will have repercussions on her life and family right up to the point where Weird does something completely unexpected.

The Story: Lemire spins an entertaining and rich story in this issue that takes some interesting and unexpected twists and turns. The characters are brilliantly done and the plotting of the issue if fresh and different in great ways. I was not expecting a lot of what happened in the issue and was pleasantly surprised with everything that happened. I was shocked at the end of the issue and it made me excited for what happens next.

The Art: Yarsky delivers some amazing visuals throughout this issue. There are some great moments of both action and adventure that perfectly match the tone of the story.

Black Hammer Reborn #4



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