The Amazing Spider-Man #65

Marvel Comics

Written by Nick Spencer

Art by Federico Vicentini and Federico Sabbatini

Colors by Alex Sinclair

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Spidey moves in to rescue his roommate and his girlfriend, but the two warring fathers might make things worse.

Norman Osborn has a choice to make when Kingpin’s need for information from Kindred turns into a level of torture that even the Green Goblin cannot justify. In its aftermath, Norman will have to examine the kind of father he is and if he can truly save his son. At the same time, Robbie and Tombstone continue to track their kidnapped children and reluctantly work together to find them. As Spidey races to find them, Jonah’s new social media strategy to clean up the heroes image gives the people holding the pair an advantage.

Fortunately for all of them, more backup is called in. The fight to free Randy and Beetle will lead to some new and potentially more dangerous changes for Peter’s life. Osborn reaches out to a hidden figure for help in dealing with his Fisk problem and Peter’s search for Boomerang will make him realize he needs to reach out to some familiar faces to deal with the conflict to come.

The Story: Spencer infuses this issue with great moments of humor both in the dialogue and the situations. I enjoy the banter between the characters as well as how the plot unfolds. There are a lot of things building up in this story from the threat of Kindred to the expanding threat of the Kingpin and Spencer is doing a great job of letting the story organically move into those areas. I really enjoyed the action and the suspense as well and the final image in the issue makes me excited for what is to come.

The Art: Both artists deliver great visual moments throughout the issue. The action is beautifully done and the expression filled characters are delightful. A brilliantly action packed issue from start to finish.

The Amazing Spider-Man #65



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