America Chavez: Made in the USA #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Kalinda Vazquez

Art by Carlos Gomez

Colors by Jesus Aburtov

Letters by VC’s Travis Lanham

The Rundown: America Chavez faces off against an enemy with a surprising back story.

America finds herself captured by the stranger who previously endangered her adoptive family. When her captor delivers shocking information, America is dumbfounded and reacts with anger. She is able to free herself and has a short confrontation with the stranger. However, that person is determined for America to hear them out. When they reveal their true intentions, America must decide how to proceed.

The Story: Vazquez adds a compelling new layer to America Chavez’s history in this episode. I am excited to see how this story line will progress. I am also interested in how this new information will affect the way America responds to those closest to her, and the world in general. This series does not disappoint, and the next chapter is sure to be amazing.

The Art: The detailed drawings of Carlos Gomez feature intense character expressions. And the action panels are interesting and exciting. Aburtov’s color work changes to match the tone of the scene in a transportive manner. This is a beautiful issue that enhances your engagement in the story.

America Chavez: Made in the USA #3



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