DIE #16

Image Comics

Written by Kieron Gillen

Art by Stephanie Hans

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: The party is on the move again and their destination is filled with both wonder and terror.

In the aftermath of the events in Angria, the former friends find themselves on a ship crossing the empty sea and looking for a hidden island that might hold the answers they seek. With both Sol and Ash as prisoners, the party is reunited and they discuss their next move. Unable to speak, Ash finds herself at the mercy of Sol’s hunger as a Fallen and Matt’s intervention is the only thing that can save her.

When they finally reach the island that they seek, they discover that there are people on it. People who act strangely towards them, but don’t seem like a threat. After splitting up and exploring their surroundings, they discover the island holds some dark secrets. Secrets they will have to explore if they have any chance of making it to the heart of Die.

The Story: Gillen does a brilliant job of setting the mood for the story early on and you feel an emotional connection to the characters, even Sol. There are deep levels of story to be found throughout and those levels help to create a rich and entertaining world to explore. There is an unknown factor to the story as well that kept me riveted and interested in what comes next.

The Art: Stephanie Hans blows me away with the scope and pure wonder of the imagery in this issue. Every page is like a beautiful painting and brilliantly draws you into the world of these characters.

DIE #16



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