The Amazing Spider-Man #64

Marvel Comics

Written by Nick Spencer

Art by Federico Vicentini

Colors by Alex Sinclair

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Spider-Man goes on the hunt for a missing friend and an unlikely duo hits the streets looking for answers.

Randy and Beetle have been kidnapped and their fathers are too busy blaming each other to ascertain who is behind it. When Spider-Man arrives, he separates the two and gives the opportunity to come to the realization about what has happened and what they have to do to save the people they love. As Tombstone and Robbie hit the streets looking for answers, the kids find out they are pawns in a bigger plan from the people who took them.

At the same time, Kingpin confronts Orborn about his plans for Kindred. Plans that include bringing in Baron Mordo. Spidey returns to the place where he left an unconscious Boomerang only to find a note telling him that his wayward roommate is about o do something extremely stupid.

The Story: Intense, fun and exciting, Nick Spencer continues to complicate Peter’s life in entertaining ways. This latest issue has some great character moments throughout and the relationship dynamics come through brilliantly. I found myself thoroughly engaged in the plot, the characters and the action and cannot wait to see where it goes next.

The Art: Vicentini delivers some beautifully detailed art throughout the issue. There are awesome action scenes and the art has an energy that draws you in visually.

The Amazing Spider-Man #64



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