The Amazing Spider-Man #59

Marvel Comics

Written by Nick Spencer

Art by Marcelo Ferreira

Inks by Wayne Faucher

Colors by Morry Hollowell and Andrew Corssley

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Martin Li cannot escape his past and Fisk has a plan for his future.

Aunt May continues to protect Martin Li as he reveals the truth about his past and his fears of what will happen when the evil he is trying to escape finds him. A fear that is being realized as his men attack the building searching for him, forcing May and Li to hide. The only person standing between the assassins and Li is Spider-Man.

At the same time, Norman tries to appeal to Liz to come and see Harry. IN his continued efforts to atone for his sins, he brings both Liz and Normie to see Harry and tries to find a way to connect to his grandson despite everything he’s done to tarnish his relationships with his family. Fisk begins the next phase of his plans and they will require Mr. Negative to find an item Fisk needs, but he will have some competition.

The Story: An entertaining story that continues the themes of sin and redemption that Spencer has been bringing to these characters. Spidey takes a back seat for most of this issue as the dual stories of Norman Osborn and Martin Li take center stage. The issue has an interesting focus on character relationships and that comes through in the dialogue. I also enjoyed the Kingpin moments and what they are building to.

The Art: Marcelo Ferriera delivers some great imagery throughout this issue. There are some great character moments and the emotion of the character interactions comes through in the art.

The Amazing Spider-Man #59



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