Eternals #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Kieron Gillen

Art by Esad Ribic

Colors by Matthew Wilson

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Ikaris and Sprite return to Titanos to face off against Thanos.

In the aftermath of the murder of the Prime Eternal, Ikaris and Sprite head to ruin of Titanos to search for answers. Unfortunately, they find Thanos there as well. With a bigger mystery forming, Ikaris goes on the attack. All Sprite can do is watch as the two beings fight across time and space before coming to a bloody draw that will leave Thanos enraged and Ikaris hungry for revenge.

Back on Olympus, Ikaris and Sprite warn of Thanos’ arrival, but the mystery only grows when an event that could potentially throw their society into political upheaval occurs and Sersei decides to bring in a small group of Eternals to work behind the scenes to find out what is happening and who is behind it.

The Story: Gillen is crafting a really interesting and engaging story with this series. The characters are interesting and everything from the politics to the interpersonal relationships works. I like the style of the storytelling as well and how it moves through history from the perspective of the characters. The Ikaris story is well done and serves as an interesting allegory for faith.

The Art: Esad Ribic does some beautiful work with the art in the issue. The visuals are beautiful and the action is thrilling.

Eternals #2



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