The Amazing Spider-Man #53 LR

Marvel Comics

Written by Nick Spencer and Matthew Rosenberg

Art by Federico Vicentini and Takeshi Miyazawa

Inks by Federico Vicentini, Takeshi Miyazawa and Scott Hanna

Colors by Marcio Menyz and Erick Arciniega

Letters by Ariana Maher

The Rundown: Peter’s allies face the dangers of the astral plane as Sin Eater faces an attack on his faith.

Sin Eater is taking a huge risk in luring Morlun into a trap. Trying to take the creatures powers in order to track the Spiders is a gamble, but it is one he’s willing to take to prove his faith is intact to his master. What he discovers is that Morlun is a lot stronger than he thought and it will take some ingenuity just to survive the encounter.

On the astral plane, Doctor Strange and the gathered Spider heroes face off against Peter’s darkest thoughts as they manifest into his toughest foes. Gwen has her own thoughts about what is going on, but those will have to wait as they face off against dark manifestations of everyone in Peter’s life including Mary Jane.

The Story: Spencer and Rosenberg add some great action elements to the story while making continuing to keep it about the characters. Even without Peter in the story, his presence is felt in the dialogue and tone of the story. The trip through the astral plane was well developed and brilliantly laid out. The interlude with the Sin Eater versus Morlun was done perfectly from both a character perspective and plot level.

The Art: Vicentini and Miyazawa bring some beautiful details and intense composition to the art in this issue. Everything looks amazing both in scale and intensity and I loved moving from panel to panel seeing what imagery was to come.

The Amazing Spider-Man #53 LR



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