murder-falcon-5_974947649cMurder Falcon #5

Image Comics/ Skybound

Written by Daniel Warren Johnson

Art by Daniel Warren Johnson

Colors by Mike Spicer

Letters by Russ Wooton and Daniel Warren Johnson

Magnum Khaos has opened the gates and is spewing forth his forces into the world.


As the rest of the band investigates a mysterious tomb on an unknown rocker, Khaos’ minions go on the attack. Another band in another location do their best to hold off the invading hordes, but they meet a tragic end.

Jake visits his ex in order to patch things up with her, but the hurt is still raw. She wants things to work as well, but there’s a lot she doesn’t understand. Murder Falcon helps Anne to understand what is going with Jake and as things get more intense, Jake, Murf and Anne prepare to ride off into battle.

This issue continues to shine with both intensity and emotion as Daniel Warren Johnson balances the over the top action of the fight against Magnum Khaos and the human story unveiling between Jake and Anne. It’s no hard task bridging those storylines, but it works in this issue. The growing intensity in the story is handled well and the dialogue is great. The moment between Murf and Anne is handled exceptionally.

Visually, everything was intense and detailed. There are some amazing panels in this issue and both the human story and the intense action are given the same level of beautiful detail.

Murder Falcon #5




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