Superman ’78 #5

DC Comics

Written by Robert Venditti

Art by Wilfredo Torres

Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Letters by Dave Lanphear

The Rundown: Superman must escape the bottled city of Kandor in order to save Metropolis from Brainiac

Brainiac prepares to miniaturize Metropolis in the wake of Superman’s renewed contact with Earth. As he prepares to take the city and bottle it like Kandor, Clark and his parents prepare to use their connection with Brainiac’s ship to free Superman and give all of them a fighting chance.

With the help of his birth parents, Superman manages to escape Kandor and return to his regular size. With the fate of both Kandor and Metropolis in his hands, Superman must take on Brainiac and his defense robots in order to stop him. A task that will become a lot harder when Brainiac reveals a new weapon.

The Story: Venditti crafts an entertaining story. The pacing was a little fast, but that’s to be expected given the plot. The moments between Superman and his parents are done really well and the attack on Metropolis has some great tense moments within it. The story is gearing up for an interesting and action packed finale and I am intrigued to see how the story will end.

The Art: Torres delivers some great art. The style of the visuals continue to be well suited for both the story and the characters.

Superman ’78 #5



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